TomatKG is one of the largest and most modern enterprises

producing tomato paste in Kyrgyzstan.

Our products are subject to pre-sale tests to confirm the absence of pesticides, chemicals, dyes, preservatives.


We offer wholesale buyers in Russia high-quality tomato paste produced in Kyrgyzstan by the Tomat KG Company.


The products have aseptic packaging, packaged in metal barrels, about 225 kg in 1 barrel (± 3 kg).


For interested clients, we can provide copies of certificates of conformity , and product samples in special aseptic kilogram packaging.

We offer premium-grade tomato paste of 36-38%

The product conforms with the requirements

Kyrgyzstan: This country has suitable climatic conditions for growing fruit with a minimum amount of moisture and best suited for processing paste!


 Our agronomists take care of the harvest throughout the season. Ripened tomatoes are harvested using Italian tomato harvesters. The production facilities of Tomat KG is equipped with the modern imported equipment which allows to process 750 tonnes of fresh tomatoes daily.

For our production aims, our employees select tomatoes of 100% ecological purity and quality. We use only crystal clear Artesian water in the processing of our product!


Buying tomato paste from Kyrgyzstan from our company, you can be sure of its compliance with the highest quality standards.

Tomato processing is carried out with the strictest observance of all technological and sanitary requirements.

GOST 3343-89 “Concentrated tomato foods” and

ТР ТС 021-2001 “On Food Products Safety”


Starch- and flavoring-free


GMO Free